2021 Dance Intensive 


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2021, 12 Week Dance Intensive Schedule

Kid & Adult Classes

Outdoors & Indoors for everyone's comfort and safety!

April 3 - June 19, 2021

Recital Performance INCLUDED

PRICING (12 Weeks):

One Dance Class per Intensive: $145

Two Dance Classes per Intensive: $250


Under "Plans," Please choose "One Dance Class" or "Two Dance Classes"

Please fill out the Registration Sheet with the appropriate class session choice. Classes are designed for Ages 2yrs-Adult!

Outdoor Recital Date: June 19, 2021 in Evergreen Walk!

SCHEDULE: (April 3, 2021- June 19, 2021)


6:45pm: Zumba (All Levels)

7:30pm: Adult Tap (Adv. Beginner/ Intermediate Advanced)



6:45pm: Adult Tap (Beginner / Adv. Beginner)

7:30pm: Adult Jazz Funk/ Hip Hop (Adv. Beginner/ Intermediate Advanced)


6:45pm: Adult Jazz/ Musical Theater

7:30pm: Dance Fitness (All Levels)


10-10:45am : Creative Movement (Ages 2-5)

10-10:45am : Tap (Ages 6-11)

11am-11:45am : Contemporary/Ballet (Ages 6-11)

11am-11:45am : Tap (Ages 12-18)

12pm-12:45pm : Adult Contemporary (Ages 18+)

12:45-1:30pm : Contemporary/Jazz (12-18)

Creative Movement:

A joyful way to explore dance forms such as ballet/jazz in an exploratory environment that encourages creativity and coordination


Use of tap shoes to strike the floor as a form of percussion, developing rhythm, style and sound

Ballet / Contemporary:

Starting the class with the foundation of dance, covering ballet steps and gestures. Class will combine stretched and controlled movements


Focusing on spacial and body awareness, use of body weight, floor work, leaps, turns, and versatility of expression


A rhythmic and upbeat style class focuses on dancer's creativity, their understanding of the music, some leaps and turns.

Musical Theater: 

Theatrical performance and movement with a Jazz and Ballet base.

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