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HGC Nutrition Plan- 7 Days

Here I have attached the 7 day HGC Nutrition Plan, Shopping List, and HGC Weight loss tips. This diet is meant to be followed for 29 days- consuming the same Monday meal 4 times in a row, etc. 


A few things to consider- you don't always have to eat snacks mentioned in the plan if you are not hungry. Try to stick to black coffee and limited alcohol for best results! If you have any dietary restrictions please let me know. I personally do not eat the red meat meal and opt for a white meat or fish, but I wanted to make this open to everyone's lifestyle. 

NOTE: If you want to skip the yogurt, have fruit instead, if you want to skip the nuts, add extra veggies.

Erica's Extra Personal Note: My everyday diet does not consume animal protein. I eat more legumes, beans, oatmeal, fruit and veggies throughout the week, then about 3 days a week I will have fish. I do see a difference in my personal diet when I eat less animal protein. ALSO- do not think of a diet as a punishment, think of it as you rewarding yourself because you are fighting for a goal you want and will achieve!

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