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Lacing Up Shoes

Dance Program

Recreational Dance

Ages 7+

The basis of all dance forms and the perfect compliment to your dancer's training! Starting the class with the terminology and body alignment, covering ballet positions and gestures. Class will combine stretched and controlled movements at the barre and center floor (45min)

Ages 7+

An exciting class to make music with your feet! Dancers use their tap shoes to strike the floor as a form of percussion, developing rhythm, style and sound. Timing, pattern recognition, and terminology are taught (45min) 

Ages 7+

A fun class, full of energy with rhythmic and upbeat style music! Each jazz class will focus on flexibility, strengthening, progressions, leaps, turns, and choreography! (45min)

girl jazz.jpg
Hip Hop
Ages 7+

This high energy class is the perfect fit for the kid that loves to dance their own style. Dancers will explore many different styles of hip-hop, popular dance moves, and find comfort in improvisation! Floorwork and stylized tricks will be taught. (45min)

Musical Theater
Ages 7+

This theatrical class brings the Broadway stage right to HGC! Singing, dancing, & acting skills are strengthened through confidence-building exercises. Perfect for shy or the outgoing performers! Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Hip Hop and Acrobatics are all included for choreography! (45min)

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Ages 9+

Contemporary is a blend of jazz, ballet, & modern techniques. An evolution from "lyrical" dance, focusing on expression of the music through movement. We will work on floor work, leaps, turns, and help dancers explore their own unique voice through movement! (45min)

Ages 7+

A class that focuses on stretching, flexibility and strength. Trick progression ranges from basic tumbling to advanced aerial movements. A valuable addition to your dancers training! (45min)

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