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Core 29

Core Barre

Jumpstart Your Health

Core Barre is built to energize and tone your entire body. This class is inspired and custom designed with Pilates, ballet-inspired movement, resistance training and yoga. By using the barre and exercise equipment regularly, you will notice a remarkable improvement in your balance, core strength, elongation of muscles and posture.

Core Combo

Zumba &
Dance Fitness

Get Fit Fast

You'll get a great cardio workout that melts fat, strengthens your core, and improves flexibility.

Dance Fitness:
A sweaty and fun dance workout, follow along style, with a fitness aerobic flair to burn excess calories!

Both classes are GREAT for ALL LEVELS and to get those daily step in!

Yoga & Sculpt

For All Levels

Yoga Sculpt incorporates a Vinyasa type yoga with light hand weights to sculpt and tone your muscles with a maximum calorie burning effect.

Yoga will focus on strength training, balance, flexibility, breath technique and mind-body synchronization.

The Fast Track to Fit

Core 29 will kick start your weight-loss goals and healthy lifestyle. Devote 29 minutes a day for 29 days and watch how fast you loose weight, build lean muscle, increase your overall energy and glow! You will be given a full nutrition guideline, and receive a complimentary $250 gift card to your personalized photo shoot- once you reach your goal!

Total Body, All Levels

Core COMBO is designed to sculpt your entire body through standing and floor interval training using light weights, no jumping involved. Get your heart rate up to high energy music and feel empowered while building your strength without the fear of bulking up! Longer, leaner and stronger muscles will result.

High Plank

Book your One on One Personal Training today,
on your time, your goals, your best body awaits.

Fitness Class

"Mommy and Me" is built to cater to moms of all fitness levels: pregnancy fitness, new mom, and moms with 1 or more stroller aged children. Dads are welcome too!  Each class is compromised of aerobics, strength training, moderate cardio and core building.

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