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Lacing Up Shoes

Adult Dance Program

All levels and Ages 18+ are welcomed

Ages 18+

The basis of all dance forms and a great way to start, or get dancing again! Class will combine stretched and controlled movements at the barre and center floor (45min)

adult ballet.jpg
Ages 18+

In our adult tap classes, we are able to have a blast together while getting a fun workout in, best of all, it doesn’t feel like exercise! New to tap, or an experienced tapper, we are the right choice for you! (45min) 

Ages 18+

A fun class, full of energy with rhythmic and upbeat style music! Each jazz class will focus on stretching, strengthening, leaps, turns, and choreography! Join us! (45min)

Modern Dance Leap
Hip Hop
Ages 18+

This high energy class is the perfect fit for anyone that loves to dance. Feel sassy, confident, try something new, or keep building your hip hop skills! (45min)

Hip Hop Class
Ages 18+

Contemporary is a blend of jazz, ballet, & modern techniques. An evolution from "lyrical" dance, focusing on expression of the music through movement. We will work on floor work, leaps, turns, and help dancers explore their own unique voice through movement! (45min)

Jumping Dancer
Cha Cha Heels
Ages 18+

This class is great for all levels, confidence boosting, fun, and empowering! (45min)

Dancing Salsa
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