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Dance Class

Welcome to Higher Ground Core's Dance Center! 

Our Dance Center is combined of 40 years of teaching and coaching experience! From ages 2 and up, we offer a complete and highly qualified program of Dance Education alongside Group Fitness classes for all levels!

Our Story

Higher Ground Dance Center offers training in Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Pre-Dance, Contemporary, Hip-Hop, Acrobatics, Creative Movement and Bollywood to students ranging from 2-years-old to Adult.

We are known for our positive environment, for making all dancers feel accepted, challenged and encouraged in a safe & nurturing environment! Our Dance Center allows students to build self confidence, make life long friendships, and realize their artistic & physical potential under the guidance of teachers who have been formally trained at universities, conservatories and dance in the professional world.

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August 28, 2023- June 15, 2024



Kids 2-6

Monday: 4:45-5:30pm Hip Hop

Tuesday 5:15pm: Creative Movement- 8 week program

Tuesday: 5:15pm, Pre Dance- Ballet/Acrobatics

Wednesday: 4:45pm, Pre Dance- Tap/Ballet/ Acrobatics

Thursday: 11am, Pre Dance- Ballet/Tap/Acrobatics

Thursday 11am: Creative Movement- 8 week program

Thursday: 4:45pm, Pre Dance- Jazz/Acrobatics/Ballet

Saturday: Creative Movement- 8 week program

Kids 3-7

Monday: 4:45-5:30pm Hip Hop

Tuesday: 4:45pm, Groove & Go- Jazz/Acrobatics/Ballet

Tuesday: 6pm, Groove & Go- Jazz/Acrobatics/Ballet

Tuesday: 6pm Musical Theater

Wednesday: 4:45pm, Steps & Styles- Tap/Ballet/ Acrobatics

Thursday: 4:45pm, Groove & Go - Jazz/Acrobatics/Ballet

Thursday: 5:15pm Hip Hop

Saturday: 9am POM Dance

Kids 7+

Monday: 5:15-6pm Hip Hop

Monday: 5:15-6pm Tap

Monday: 6:45pm Acro

Tuesday: 6 pm Musical Theater

Wednesday: 4pm Acro

Wednesday: 5:15pm Contemporary

Wednesday: 6pm, Hip Hop

Friday: 3:45-4:30pm Ballet

Friday: 4:45-5:30pm Ballet

Saturday: 9am POM Dance

Saturday 11-11:45am Ballet

Kids 13+

Monday: 7:30pm, Hip Hop

Tuesday: 6:45pm Tap

Wednesday: 6:45pm, Hip Hop

Saturday: 10am, Contemporary/ Jazz

August 28, 2022- June 15, 2024




6:45pm: ZUMBA, All Levels 

7:30pm: Adult Tap, Intermediate/ Advanced

7:30pm: Beginner Hip Hop



6:45pm: Adult Contemporary Adv Beginner/ Beg.

6:45pm: Adult Tap, Beginner / Adv. Beginner

7:30pm: Adult Hip Hop, Adv. Beg/ Int. Adv.


6pm: Cha Cha- Latin Nights Heels class, All Levels

6:45pm: Adult Jazz, Adv. Beg/ Int. Adv.

6:45pm: ZUMBA, All Levels

7:30pm: Jazz Special: All Levels



6pm: Adult Ballet, All Levels

7pm: Bollywood


10am: Contemporary Adv.

Summer 2024 & Fall 2024/2025 Registration NOW OPEN:

Click the pink “Register Online” button to sign up for classes!

Early Fall Registration: $30 Per Family to reserve their spot before August 1st.

Open Registration: $40 Per Family after August 2nd.

Registration Fees Include Dress Rehearsal Fees

Summer Dance: $68 One Dance Class, $123 Two Dance Classes, $150 Three Dance Classes

Acrobatic Training: July 22-26, 9:30am-11:30am

$30 One Day, $150 for the week. Guaranteed New Tricks!

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We are happy to answer any of your questions by phone or email! For an immediate response please Text or Call Miss Erica at 860-985-5675

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