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Fit Women


I want to learn more about Higher Ground Core's Fitness Classes, Personal Training, and Nutrition.

Young Ballerinas


I want to learn more about Higher Ground Core's Dance Program for

Kid's and Adult's.


Higher Ground Core was founded in 2016 with one goal in mind, to improve the lives of as many as possible. We believe that if you love your workout, it becomes a habit and your life quality doubles!

We will provide custom tools, training and support to all of our members so you can achieve your personal fitness goals! 

Our CORE Method helps you engage more muscles than traditional cardio.

The powerful, fat-burning moves in each class will strengthen and

re-strengthen primary and secondary muscles.  All Group Fitness Class routines are changed daily and weekly so you will never plateau! These classes are taught by experienced, highly motivating instructors, who can help you get the most out of your workout!

Come on in and check us out to reach your Highest Ground!

Your Best Body Awaits.

Yoga Class

Whether your goal is weight loss, build core strength, injury rehabilitation or increase your cardiovascular stamina, our staff has availability 7 days/week for scheduled sessions to

fit your needs. 

Customized Nutrition Guidance Included!

Please email Erica at

or give Erica a text/call

(860) 985-5675.


Our variety of Group Classes run 45 minutes unless otherwise noted. Each class will force you to properly activate your core, mind and body.

Core 29 is a 29 Minute interval training class for maximum weight loss in the shortest time period.

When your core is strong, you get faster and better results from every workout you do. 

Fitness Team

Our CORE 29 Program is accepting 3 NEW CLIENTS THIS WEEK with a FREE Fitness Consolation and your, First 2 classes for only $20
- CLAIM YOUR SPOT BELOW, or Click to Call!

You are READY! Erica will contact you to set up your first class!

200 Evergreen Way, Suite 224, South Windsor, CT 06074

The Promenade Shops at Evergreen Walk

Tel: (860) 985-5675

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